Eleanor Lerman: Starfish

At one point from half a decade back, I thought to myself while looking out at the sea… I can still remember how the night was quiet and dark with only the waves periodically touching the shore. There was me and a few other people sat in the side car of a motorbike. I crane Continue Reading

Shortie: London walk and other bits

Just a quick review of what I’ve been up to lately. Was at U.K. a few months back and was lucky to have found a free London walking tour among others. While in London I did most of the touristy things and did a little bit of off-the-beaten-track strolls. I didn’t really plan my weekend Continue Reading

Special coloring books at National Book Store

There isn’t anything remarkable about the coloring books from my childhood. They all looked the same to me. Drawings of fruits, animals, cartoon characters, and objects to possibly teach children about these things the ‘fun’ way. It was fun until I got bored because I found it torturous and a definite waste of resource to Continue Reading

Wendell Berry: The Real Work

HARD TRAVELIN’. Inject a good dose of fighting spirit in your blood stream with this Bob Dylan song. You are ready to start the day. Maybe you’re excited, apprehensive, or simply indifferent. Whatever state you are in, it can’t be avoided: at daybreak, you begin again. With polished shoes and freshly pressed clothes you take out Continue Reading

The cure + what I’m thinking about lately

Totally unrelated The Cure song because I think I’m being punny. Also, could be a song to sickness — go away go away. The seafood I ate on the weekend helped cure the fever. I still sound like I am faraway in a cave but I’m steadily recuperating. Two things that always run around my Continue Reading

Sick me + laptop on coma

To my non-existent readers, I’ve been very sick and allocating extra time I have to recuperate. My head is not in its proper place. Some bolts are missing and my ability to formulate sentences are temporarily disabled. The laptop I’ve been using for this is also wonky. It’s been on coma since last week. So, Continue Reading

Call for Entries: Ramon Magsaysay Essay Competition 2014

SERVANT LEADERSHIP. Who is your favorite Ramon Magsaysay Awardee?

The 2014 Ramon Magsaysay Essay Competition is now open. Filipinos residing in the Philippines who are between 15 to 24 years old can join.  This year’s theme is “My Favorite Ramon Magsaysay Awardee: Servant Leadership Qualities That Inspire Me”. Entries must be written in English and should be 500-800 words long. Only unpublished and original Continue Reading

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2014

Do you have innovative ideas that might help your community but don’t know where to start?  Join the Youth Citizenship Entrepreneurship Competition, an international contest initiated by the Goi Peace Foundation, Stiftung Entrepreneurship (Berlin), and UNESCO. The international competition aims to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to be prime movers of a sustainable future by Continue Reading

Type na type weekend at Type Kita


Itchy feet brought us to 10A Alabama where Type Kita, a typography exhibit was housed to benefit the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.  It didn’t take a lot to get in as we only paid P50 for entrance — a meager amount compared to what the set-up offered. We were greeted with letters hung across the Continue Reading

What’s inside U135DX

The parcel came in a blue plastic ware. In the container is a precious cargo — my memories. I never had a lot of things and never kept much owing to the fact that I live faraway, move places, and I feel unattractive in pictures. My footprint is at a bare minimum. But tonight, as Continue Reading

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